Change of Squadmanagement | Delorean Gaming


as discussed in our last TS3 Meeting we want to share some news with all of you. 

Most importantly we are going to change the way how the se7en sins clan will deal with applications. In the near future, it will not be possible to fill in applications. New Players may just start playing games with us and if we think its running smooth and the player is interested we will approach this new possible member and start an internal vote with a short factsheet.

Usually the applicant had to start the forum post in which he introduced himself to the clan and so on. We want to focus on personal contact and most of the times its easier to get to know someone in person instead reading forum posts.

We hope to lead you and the clan to a tighter community this way and to a prosper clan member roster. This will not affect active / recent applications - we will continue these until a decision is announced. Furthermore we will not need any more Squadleaders, but a couple of games we just want to play with each other. This drags every member to a more responsible spot when it comes to advertising the clan itself.


Furthermore and not less important, we are kinda tired of recent games and the content they provide. Thats why we wanto turn on our Delorean Engines and go back in time. The most fun we had as a clan were with gathering 8++ people to tear down random buildings with specific guns (BF3 e.g.)

We wanto start continoues events of "se7en sins Delorean Gaming" and play whatever the community wants to play. Please vote over here to help us find the perfect fit. 

Target: At least 16 people playing 1 game all together. 

Next Event: Monday 10th Nov, 19/20 until 21/22 UTC +0100

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